Laurie earned a degree in elementary education from Northern Illinois University. While attending college, she worked as a veterinary receptionist at a dog and cat hospital. There, she met Dr. Bob Esbensen, co-founder of Arlington Cat Clinic.

After several years of teaching, Laurie decided she was drawn to the rewards of helping small animals and their owners. She began working at Arlington Cat Clinic shortly after its opening in 1989. Her organization and leadership helped promote her to office manager in 1997. Laurie has been the general Clinic Manager at Arlington Cat Clinic since 2016. She is proud to represent the clinic’s fabulous team and its reputation for compassionate and comprehensive care for cats.

Laurie enjoys baking, reading, writing, and spending time outdoors observing wildlife, especially birds. She loves being with her family. She and her husband enjoy traveling, with a special fondness for Maui, Hawaii.