Spring and Summer COVID-19 protocols

Spring and summer tend to be busy times for veterinary health and wellness appointments, and for emergency care.

Due to COVID -19 policies and procedures, all veterinary clinics, like Arlington Cat Clinic, are challenged to accommodate patients with the same volume of appointments that they have in the past. Distancing protocols are still in place industry wide. These protocols add extra time to what would normally be available for each appointment.

We will continue to utilize curbside service for the foreseeable future, making decisions month by month. This will help prevent an exposure or illness that would require us to temporarily close down our facility. Given the nature of our work and the size of our exam rooms, we believe curbside service and masking continues to be our best option for being available to our patients and the people who love them.

We understand that end of life care is a difficult and heartbreaking decision and will make every effort to accommodate, as our staffing and scheduling allow. In general, we welcome two family members into the building as long as they are masked.

Our veterinary team suggests the following, so that we can best meet your needs:

  • Schedule wellness appointments 3-4 weeks in advance
  • Order food and medications at least 2 weeks in advance, allowing 24-48 hours for approval and processing
  • Please understand that at this time, although we will continue to do our best, we may not be able to accommodate every urgent or emergency situation during regular business hours. We appreciate your understanding if we have to refer you toan emergency clinic.
  • Please consult with us if you are suspicious of any changes in your feline friend early on, so we have a better chance of scheduling an appointment.