As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients, their cats and our team members safe, Arlington Cat Clinic has updated our COVID-19 protocols for the winter months. Please adhere to the following procedures when bringing your cat to our hospital for care.


  • Please call ahead for your cat’s anti-anxiety medication if you have been advised to do so and administer it at the prescribed time.
  • Your cat must be in a secure cat carrier that is labeled with your last name and your cat’s name.
  • If your cat is not in a carrier, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.
  • Please have a fully charged cell phone with you.
  • Bring a mask to wear when needed.


Upon your arrival, please remain in your car and call the clinic at 847-398-3355. DO NOT leave a voice message as doing so may cause a delay. Please wait a few minutes and attempt to call again.

Our Receptionist will check-in your cat. Please be prepared to give the following information:

a. Your car make and color
b. The phone number we can reach you at while you are waiting in the car
c. Your credit card information unless you are paying with cash or check

  • Our Veterinary Technician will call you to verify your cat’s condition and needs for the appointment. The technician will also indicate when you should meet them at the front door for them to transfer your cat into the building. At that time, please wear your mask and place your cat’s carrier at the front door. Step 6 ft. away from the entrance with your mask on and wait for our technician to retrieve your cat.

  • Return to your car and keep your phone charged and available while your cat is in our care. We ask that you remain in our parking lot for the duration of your cat’s appointment.


  • When your cat’s visit is complete, you will receive a text from our office, indicating that it is time to meet us at the front door to retrieve your cat. Please wear your mask and stand six feet away from our entrance.

Thank you for your understanding.
Arlington Cat Clinic is working to keep everyone safe and healthy